Modern prophylaxis the key to success

Individual training course for dental offices


1. Work with a patient:
- examination
- ways of motivating and teaching the patient
2. Modern treatment methods:
- newest protocols
- clinical examinations
- types of sand and scaling tips
- techniques enabling a painless procedure
3. Technique of work:
- ergonomic positions during the work with a patient
- correct techniques of work with a scaler and a sand blaster
4. Economic aspects of professional prophylaxis:
- how to increase the profitability of your office?
- how to increase the number of patients?
- prophylaxis as a drive of practice
5. Implant patient:
- correct hygiene of implant the key to success
- presentation of safe methods of implant cleaning
6. Usage and maintenance of equipment:
- how to properly take care of equipment?
7. Home prophylaxis
- how to select proper products for specific groups of patients
- rules of teaching dental hygiene

Training takes place in a period of time that is agreed upon with the clinic. Standard duration of the training is 3 hours with the option of an extension to meet the needs of the participants.
Training includes theoretical part and practical work with a patient.
Training is carried out by qualified trainer:
certified dental hygienist Anita Walczak
certified dental hygienist Magdalena Michałowska
certified dental hygienist Natalia Szeląg
certified dental hygienist Michał Kluczkowski
certified dental hygienist Marzena Cesarz
certified dental hygienist Magdalena Berezowska

Training cost: 600 zł


Szkolenie dla gabinetów stomatologicznych