Scaling and sandblasting techniques

Training course aimed at people at the last stage of learning and beginning independent work with a patient. It will allow to expand knowledge gained at school and skillfully use it in practice.
It consists of two parts.
First part is theory. It provides condensed knowledge that is essential to a hygienist.
Second part is practice. It will start with a demonstration of work with a patient.

Next stage of workshops is independent work under the supervision of an SDA trainer. Each participant will be provided with a fully equipped unit and an anatomy model.

1. Periodontal anatomy
2. Diagnostics of periodontal diseases
3. Qualifying patient for a procedure
4. Indications and contraindications
5. Technique of a hygienization procedure, rules of work with a scaler and sandblaster.
6. Post-procedure recommendations

Trainers: certified dental hygienist Magdalena Michałowska, certified dental hygienist Olga Grabowska
Date: December 8, 2018 WARSAW

Price: 399 zł