One hygienization visit every six months!

Today we celebrate the World’s Oral Health Day, which is about promoting the importance of a healthy mouth in connection with the whole organism. When we talk about oral health, we cannot omit the important function of dental hygienists.

We prepared a movie for you, which should encourage and remind patients about hygienization visits.

Download the movie from our website and place it on office’s fb, website or play on the tv in your waiting room.

One hygienization visit is recommended to take place every six months.

If your gums are bleeding during brushing or flossing, if you have a problem with bad smell from your mouth and can see stains on your teeth, definitely register for a hygienization visit.
Dental plaque leads to the creation of tartar and consequently to gum inflammation.

Remember that the state of your mouth has an impact on the health of your whole organism.
Gum diseases increase the risk of heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, diabetes or Alzheimer’s.
They have a negative impact on pregnancy and the child’s development.

Take care of your mouth !

Register for a visit at your hygienists, who will professionally clean your teeth and provide advice on home prophylaxis.