IV edition of the Dental Hygienist’s Knowledge Contest

We would like to thank everyone involved in the Dental Hygienist’s Contest project. We thank the participants, partners, sponsors, the science committee and organizing committee. In this year we joined forces with the Blend-a-med&Oral-b institute, which came up with the idea for the Contest. Thanks to everyone for supporting the education and development of hygienists in Poland.

We thank the Kol-dental, W&H Poland, EMS, Dentonet companies and the “Z uśmiechem przez życie” foundation. We thank Joanna Stępień and Magdalena Berezowska for the exceptional input and help in organizing the event.

Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis organized the IV edition of the Contest in two categories: certified hygienists and hygienists in training. 797 participants joined the first stage and 380 participants progressed to the second stage. 12 of the best hygienists in every category were invited to Iława, where the final stage took place. 6 participants began the practical exam in front of the congress on Friday.

The official proclamation of results took place on Saturday morning during the second day of the PAPS congress.

The first three places were rewarded with prizes worth 30 000 zł in total. The first place was rewarded with, among others, a modern EMS sandblaster, a trip to Portugal with Kol-dental company, an EMS workshop, a Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis training course, a conference organized by the Blend-a-med&Oral-b Institute, participation in Asystdent conference, an e-Dentico subscription and non-cash prizes.

The science committee included: MD, PhD Tomasz Dzieniakowski, MD, PhD Tomasz Maria Kercz, MD, PhD Maciej Nowak, Dr Magdalena Pawelczyk-Madalińska, certified dental hygienist, MSc Karolina Kopciewicz – Kozicka, certified dental hygienist Anita Walczak.

Congratulations to the winners in the hygienist in training category:

  1. Joanna Zielińska
  2. Joanna Kielar
  3. Katarzyna Górska

Congratulations to the winners in the certified hygienist category:

  1. Aleksandra Antochowska
  2. Patrycja Andruszkiewicz
  3. Zuzanna Bochenek

We are proud of you. We wish you all a beautiful career development !!!