First year is behind us…

The first year of Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis activities is behind us. It included many training courses, events and congresses. The first and certainly the most important event was the I PAPS Congress in Iława, which gathered almost 250 participants. Prominent professors such as Małgorzata, Jan Pietruscy and Magda Mensi from Italy were among the lecturers. Congress turned out to be a great success when it comes to merit, frequency and organization. Participants declared to return next year and were impressed by an incredible amount of knowledge and wonderful atmosphere. II PAPS Congress will take place on May 25-26, 2018.

The year of Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis was centered around education. We introduced an offer of most complex and prestigious training courses. PAPS education can provide you with knowledge of: orthodontics, whitening, modern protocols of hygiene and care for patients whose illnesses influence oral cavity changes. Curriculum PAPS, our most prominent training course, was completed by merely 13 hygienists from Poland. During the three two-day meetings, trainees obtained an incredible amount of substantive and practical knowledge.

On December 8-9, third conference of Meet the Master implant doctors and I World Congress Masters of Oral Implantology took place. It included participants from all over the world. PAPS was also present and organized a special session for dental hygienists.

One of the aims of the Academy is to raise the patient’s awareness of proper oral hygiene and to promote the hygienist’s profession among the society. We have also achieved success in this area.

We organized a happening at the beach in Sopot on August 20. “There is no day off from brushing teeth” included around 20 hygienists. Beachgoers had the chance to obtain advice and instructions concerning the proper oral hygiene throughout the day. The success exceeded our expectations, the event was very popular.

PAPS members also took part in Senioralia, where they shared the knowledge of hygiene with the elderly. A a partner 3 year educational project started at the beginning of the year. It was aimed at teachers and students of primary schools. The Incredible World of Oral Hygiene is a programme aimed at raising the dental awareness. During three years time, hygienists will reach all primary schools in Poland.

The Academy is the organizer of Hygienists Contest. It’s rich programme makes it unique. Students and professionals will be able to put their knowledge to the test for the first time. A two stage exam will choose 24 participants, who will be invited to the final stage in Iława. What makes this year’s Contest exceptional, are 20 000 pln worth of prizes. We invite you to participate.

The year was marked by great deal of knowledge and sensations but above all the new members who support our ideas, aims and plans.

We hope that the New Year will also brimming with activities as the last one and will attract an even bigger number of ambitious hygienists.

Thank you for being with us!

With all due respect,
PAPS Board