St. Nicholas day PAPS meeting

All members are most welcome to the St. Nicholas day meeting of the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis. It will take place in Warsaw on the 15th of December. It will be our time to learn, talk and socialize. You should receive the invites shortly. We hope to see all of you.


Research programme with WUM

Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis and the Department of Conservative Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) are conducting a research programme with the aim to assess the state of oral hygiene and dental care among senior patients in nursing homes.


Successful finish of the III edition of PAPS Curriculum

In June, 18 hygienists from all over Poland passed the required exam and finished a complex, eight day training course for dental hygienists, from periodontics, implants, ergonomics, teeth whitening, prophylaxis, motivating the patient and providing first aid in a dental office.


The Incredible World of Oral Hygiene

The Incredible World of Oral Hygiene is the biggest and most important educational project with the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis patronage. It is a nationwide educational programme of dental education prepared by the Blend-a-med Oral-B institute for primary school students in Poland. The age of 6-7 is the best time to help develop positive […]


IV edition of the Dental Hygienist’s Knowledge Contest

We would like to thank everyone involved in the Dental Hygienist’s Contest project. We thank the participants, partners, sponsors, the science committee and organizing committee. In this year we joined forces with the Blend-a-med&Oral-b institute, which came up with the idea for the Contest. Thanks to everyone for supporting the education and development of hygienists […]


One hygienization visit every six months!

Today we celebrate the World’s Oral Health Day, which is about promoting the importance of a healthy mouth in connection with the whole organism. When we talk about oral health, we cannot omit the important function of dental hygienists.


First year is behind us…

The first year of Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis activities is behind us. It included many training courses, events and congresses. The first and certainly the most important event was the I PAPS Congress in Iława, which gathered almost 250 participants. Prominent professors such as Małgorzata, Jan Pietruscy and Magda Mensi from Italy were among […]