Curriculum of the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis.

Training Course For Dental Hygienists

The aim of this course is to provide you with a comprehensive training which will build your professionalism. The main focus is on periodontics, which includes hygienization, care for implant patients, ergonomics of hygienist's work, motivation and education of a patient and first aid in a dental office. Training is based on world class standards of patient’s care in a hygienist’s office and models of cooperation between a dentist and a hygienist.
It includes lectures, exercises and procedures on patients under the supervision of a specialist.
We want to offer something unique, something that will change your professional life.
Curriculum programme provides knowledge and skills outside of standard educational courses for hygienists in Poland.


Doctor of Medicine Anna Skurska

She graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok. She has been working in the Department of Periodontal and Oral Mucosa Diseases of UMB since 2006. She is a periodontics and oral mucosa diseases specialist. Anna Skurska has participated in many courses in Poland and abroad. She is also a member of the Polish Dental Association (PTS) and the Polish Association of Dental Implantologists. What is more, she wrote several dozen of scientific papers and conference reports. Her focus is on surgical treatment, especially periodontal regenerative treatment and plastic surgery of soft tissues and conservative dentistry.

Doctor Wojciech Ryncarz

He is one of the pioneers who implemented implant treatment in Poland. He has been taking care of implant patients since 1992. He specializes in complex procedures aiming to reconstruct missing teeth and improve the patient’s smile aesthetics. He is the president of Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (PASE).
He achieved the Master of Science degree in the field of Implant Dentistry on Frankfurt University. He completed postgraduate studies in the Kois Center in Seattle, USA. Currently, he also spends time educating the younger generation.

Doctor of Medicine Jacek Iracki

The assistant professor at the Conservative Dentistry Department of the Medical University of Warsaw. He specialized in conservative dentistry with main interests being teeth whitening, caries prophylaxis and endodontics. He is the owner of a private clinic in Warsaw.
He successfully defended his PhD thesis on the enamel’s fluoride ion absorption and is also the author of many publications.
Furthermore, he is the author of lectures in Poland and abroad (Armenia, Belarus, USA, Great Britain among others)

Certified hygienist Anita Walczak

The President of Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis. Certified Dental Hygienist, student of Management science. She takes pride in working with people, taking care of their beautiful smiles. She possesses rich experience in working with patients in prestigious clinics all over the country. Apart from working in clinic, she manages educational activities including: professional blog for hygienists and a blog for patients, publishes articles and case studies in industry magazines. She achieved the title of Swiss Dental Academy Trainer.
Progressing through all stages of her career she worked as a dental assistant, dental hygienist, coordinator of a hygienist team, manager of a dental clinic and a specialist of marketing in a dental center.
Camera, magnifiers and dental microscope are an inseparable part of her work. She uses the features and opportunities provided by modern dental lasers in her daily practice. She consequently improves her skills and participates in many training courses and conferences

Certified hygienist Magdalena Michałowska

She is a member and a vice president of the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis with 20 years of experience. She is also a Swiss Dental Academy trainer and leads training courses on advanced professional hygienization of patient. She has been dealing with prophylaxis among children and adults for many years. Her professional experience allows her to work even with the most demanding of patients. Moreover, she works with prestigious Warsaw clinics cooperating with exceptional specialists. She runs her own company. She publishes articles in professional journals. She is a consultant for medical companies.

Certified hygienist Marzena Cesarz

Certified hygienist with 15 years of experience. She has been cooperating with Mayo-Dent Medical Center in Dąbrowa Górnicza for 10 years. She coordinates the work of medical staff, performs prophylaxis and hygienization procedures among children and adults, cosmetic dentistry procedures and complete postoperative care. Marzena Cesarz is a participant and lecturer at many conferences, symposiums, dental fairs and workshops. Constantly improves her expertise by taking part in many courses and trainings. She finished a Swiss Dental Academy training course in Switzerland and achieved the diploma of a Prophylaxis Master. She cooperates with Philips as a medical consultant by conducting training courses on teeth whitening.

K1 emergency medical services group
(grupa ratownictwa medycznego K1)

The group consists of emergency medical service specialists, who posses many years of experience in conducting training courses for different participants. They are present in Emergency Departments, Emergency Services, Medical Air Rescue and many other institutions which makes them proficient not only in theory but most importantly, in practice. At their training courses they discuss real life situations which take place daily, and may happen to everyone of us.

Module I


The aim of the course is to provide you with the knowledge of anatomy, patomechanism of periodontal diseases, diagnostics, prophylaxis and interdisciplinary treatment of a periodontal and implant patient. The Course is dedicated to people who want to increase their knowledge to become a specialist in their field.

During the course you will learn about:

  • How to perform a proper examination of a patient.
  • What are the divisions and characteristics of periodontal diseases
  • How to assess and analyze tomographic imaging, standard and panoramic x-rays.
  • How to perform a proper periodontal status.
  • Which indicators are indispensable during your work with a patient.
  • Pathological states in the oral cavity.
  • Risk factors of periodontal diseases.

Second day of the course will be focused on practical periodontics exercises.

Module II


Thanks to this course, you will be able to actively participate with your doctor in implant procedures. You will learn how to provide postoperative care for the implant patient.

Training will be about:

  • Fundamentals of bone regeneration and osseointegration.
  • Fundamentals of aseptic processing.
  • Surgical procedures from an assistants perspective.
  • Necessary tools for surgical and implant procedures.
  • Anatomy of a tissue surrounding the implant.
  • Overview of proper check-up visits after an implant procedure.
  • How should a professional hygienization of an implant patient look like.

Module III

Swiss Dental Academy - Modern Prophylaxis

At this training you will learn about the newest protocols of conduct in prophylaxis, deepen your theoretical understanding and put your knowledge to the test on practical workshops.

During the training you will learn about:

  • The newest hygienization protocols of Guided Biofilm Therapy, which is used in many countries.
  • How to safely perform sandblasting above and under the gums.
  • Usage and rules of work with ultrasound tips.
  • Proper implant cleaning techniques.
  • Types of prophylaxis sand, their use and application.
  • Ways to make hygienization procedure painless and non-invasive.


  • Individual work with EMS devices on anatomy models and units.
  • Individual work on a patient under a specialist's supervision

Module IV

Motivating the patient

The aim of this course is to present complete and proven ways of organizing a hygienization visit and ways of motivating the patient to change his habits, take part in regular hygienization and checkups.

During the training you will learn about:

  • A plan of a professional hygienization visit.
  • You will learn how to effectively communicate with patients.
  • Rules of proper teaching.
  • How to motivate a patient.
  • Psychological aspects of work with a patient.
  • How to deal with difficult patients.


It will be based on practical exercises, work in groups and case study.

Module V

Ergonomics of hygienist’s work.

At the training course you will learn about multi-aspect role of providing assistance in and outside of all clinical procedures.

You will learn about:

  • Motor skills in dentistry.
  • Types of movement.
  • Parallelism and five changes rule.
  • Method of four-handed dentistry.
  • Areas of dental team’s work.
  • Static and dynamic loads.
  • Stress affecting various areas of an operator and assistants.
  • Ergonomic criteria of basic office equipment during four-handed dentistry.
  • Six-handed dentistry technique with the usage of optic tools.


Practical exercises in groups with anatomical models.

Module VI

Teeth whitening

Aim of this training course is to discuss various available techniques of teeth whitening.

During the training you will learn about:

  • Safe teeth whitening.
  • How to meet patients’ expectations by selecting the proper method.
  • Teeth whitening among children, elderly and pregnant women.
  • How to qualify a patient for a procedure.
  • How to increase patient’s satisfaction from whitening procedures.
  • Safe and legal methods and products.
  • How to deal with oversensitivity.

Module VII

First aid

The aim of this training course is to teach the rules of administering first aid in an office.

Training will be about:

  • Which life saving equipment is necessary in a dental office.
  • Proper contents of an office’s first aid kit.
  • Most common signs of life threatening states.
  • Legal aspects of administering first aid.
  • How to react in life threatening situations.
  • How to recognize anaphylactic shock.
  • Proper usage of a defibrillator


Curriculum of the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis includes 3 two-day congresses. On the first day, the event will take place from 10:00AM-6:00PM in the W&H Poland training hall in Warsaw on Tukana 3B street.
Price includes meals and training materials.
Regular price is 3999 zł.
Payable in two rates.
Number of tickets is limited on a first come first served basis.

IV Edition
I congress October 27-28, 2018
II congress November 24-25, 2018
III congress January 12-13, 2019

Price when registering early is 3199 zł up to October 15, 2018.

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