Passion was the origin of everything... Passion which connected a group of people working in the dental hygienist profession. With a thirst for knowledge and improvement we met at ,,Master of Prophylaxis” training in Switzerland. Evenings between next stages of intensive trainings were spent together on supper and sightseeing in beautiful Nyon.

More and more time was spent on talking about methods, ways and style of work. We exchanged opinions and observations, shared our experience and discussed the situation of hygienists in Poland.

Our stay in Switzerland was rich in knowledge and ended with a new project, which we started immediately after returning to Poland. Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis(PAPS) was created. Its aim was to educate and promote the profession of a dental hygienist. PAPS was created from the need to improve professional skills, learn from the best and meet our field’s prominent people from all over the world. We would like to share our knowledge with those who begin their fascinating journey with the hygienist’s profession and want to develop in such a way that their patients can be helped in a fully complex and professional way.

It is an aspect which is crucial to our organization. Only cooperation, comprehensiveness and extensiveness of dental work with a patient can lead to a beautiful and healthy smile.

We invite everyone for whom dental prophylaxis is a passion.
Be an even better specialist, for your patients.

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