Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis was founded to facilitate education, integration and information exchange among dental health professionals. Annual, National PAPS Congress sets a fundament for the professional development of dental hygienists. Additionally, PAPS provides comprehensive post-graduation education offering, based on international standards of patient care & cooperation models between a doctor and dental hygienist. Our aim is to create something exceptional.

Something that goes far beyond the frames of common perception of dental hygienist profession. Something beyond biofilm and mineral deposits removal…

Statutory goals of the Polish Academy
for Dental Prophylaxis

Promoting highest oral hygiene & dental prophylaxis standards as an essential part of the overall health status. 

Emphasizing the significance of improvement of dental hygiene habits as part of interdisciplinary patient treatment.
Creating social awareness of the role of a dental hygienist and her influence on oral health.

Focusing on the significance of patient’s oral care and it’s influence on dental treatment success.

Close cooperation with dentists during the maintenance phase in high risk patients treatment protocols.

Cooperation with other organizations, local administration, Ministry of Health on development of national dental prophylaxis programs and legal regulations for the profession of a dental hygienist.

Promoting post-graduate education

Integrating dental health professionals to facilitate know-how exchange.

Improving the social prestige of the dental hygienist profession.

Road map for PAPS in 2017

1 st congress of the Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis

Post-graduate education of dental hygienists

Preparing new legal regulations for the profession of dental  hygienist

Preparing a National Oral Hygiene Prophylaxis programme

Editorial & publishing activities.

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