Anna Drobkiewicz

I’m a certified dental hygienist, master of science in Biotechnology, a Sagittarius that loves freedom and hates routine. Help and care for others is my primary character trait. I have been working at Silver Dental Clinic as a dental hygienist for several years. I help people believe that they can posses a beautiful smile and keep their teeth in good condition for the rest of their lives. The planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which symbolizes striving for perfection and the need for constant personal development. I participated in many training courses, constantly improving my personal qualifications and keeping in mind that lack of progress provokes regress. My work is my calling. Close relations with patients, motivating and supporting them throughout the treatment are very important to me. I have been also conducting educational activities on oral hygiene in preschools for several years. An experienced hygienist is someone whose job is more than just eliminating tartar, it is a person that educates the patient and becomes their guide.

Magdalena Śmigiera
Vice President

A graduate of bachelor studies at the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of Public Health, specializing in Dental Hygiene. She is currently continuing her Master's degree in Public Health. First place winner in the Olympics of Dental Hygienists of the Polish Academy of Dental Prophylaxis in the category of working hygienists in 2019. Member of the Prevention and Health Promotion Section of the Polish Dental Association. School Educator of the Blend-a-med Oral-B Institute in the nationwide program The Incredible World of Oral Hygiene. Every day, she focuses on accuracy and the highest quality of patient care, therefore an inseparable element in her work is a dental microscope and magnifying glass. She works as a dental hygienist and runs a dental prophylaxis clinic. She constantly broadens her knowledge and raises competences in the field of periodontology and dental prophylaxis by participating in trainings and conferences. She performs her duties with the utmost diligence to assure that patients are receiving comprehensive care.

Joanna Zielińska
Member of the board

A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz and the Second Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Warsaw in the field of Physiotherapy. In 2018 she graduated from the postsecondary Warsaw Medical School in the field of Dental Hygiene. First place winner in the Olympics of Dental Hygienists of the Polish Academy of Dental Prophylaxis in the category of learning dental hygienists in 2018. She graduated from the Primary and Secondary State Music School in Pabianice in the flute and piano class. She actively participates in courses, conferences and trainings broadening her knowledge in the field of stomatology. During many years of working with people she is guided by the motto: "take care of others as if you wanted others to take care of you". Her passion for music, travel and constant broadening of her medical knowledge makes her look at the patient comprehensively. In her free time she travels, mastering her knowledge of foreign languages.

Anna Kawiak
Member of the board

Born in 1992 in a small, but strikingly charming village in the Low Beskids. She tied her life with Lublin where she completed first degree studies in the field of Physiotherapy. During her studies, she started to work in a dental clinic and this overturned her meticulously planned life by 180 degrees. It quickly turned out that stomatology is what she was looking for! She won the 3rd place in the Olympics of Dental Hygienists and graduated with excellent results from a postsecondary vocational school with the title of Certified Dental Hygienist. Together with Luxmed Medical Center, she opened the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Since then, she has been constantly developing and mastering her qualifications, providing her patients with the best professional care. She focuses on professional patient hygienisation, aesthetic stomatology and health education. In her work she adheres to the following principle: tell, show, teach. She believes that only an informed patient has the chance to change. Participant of many trainings, courses and congresses in the field of dental prophylaxis and periodontology both domestically and abroad. Privately, wife, novice gardener and fan of short trips into the unknown.

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