Types of membership

PAPS membership types:

Supporting members

In order to become a supporting member you must:

  1. A recommendation, by two active PAPS members must be provided. Both professional achievements and standard of care must be considered..
  2. Be aware of PAPS statute, mission and goals.
    (mission and goals)
  3. Submit both a membership declaration and your dental hygienist/dentist diploma. 
  4. Please submit all the above via email to  info@paps.org.pl or traditional mail to PAPS headquarters.
  5. The Annual fee of 300 pln for the current  2017 year must be settled up.Also a onetime entry fee of a 100 pln is required. This will cover the expenses of the ownership card as well as your welcome package.
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Active Members

To become an Active Member you must:

  1. Have at least a 2 year experience as a supporting member.
  2. Have at least a 5 year professional experience documented.
  3. Complete both basic and advanced PAPS courses.
  4. Showcase your patients portfolio.
  5. Successfully complete a PAPS board interview.
  6. Obtain at least 2/3 of the votes during a Plenary Assembly of the PAPS members.


An Honorary Member will be awarded to:

  1. A person with significant contributions to PAPS growth and development. Dental hygienist profession promotion locally and worldwide will also be considered. The honorary title will be awarded through an open vote by the members of the PAPS board.


Lifelong members will be awarded to those that have:

  1. Completed 10 years as an Active Member.
  2. Retired as a consequence of age* or illness.
    *limit of 65yrs of age stands.

For further information, please contact the PAPS office.

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