The First PAPS Conference 

Grand Hotel Tiffy - Iława

The aim of the PAPS Conference is to provide a platform for education, integration and experience sharing between professionals. The Annual, all-Poland Conference is one of the main pillars that support the professional education of dental hygienists. PAPS has also prepared a complex educational programme based on the current worldwide trends covering patient care as well as dental hygienist - dentist cooperation scheme. 

690 zł

Early registration no later than 28th of Febrary 2017r.

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Registration between 1st of March 2017r. and 30th of April 2017r.

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Late registration after 1st May 2017r. (includes on site payment)

26th of May 2017

Grand Hotel Tiffy - Iława

Pre-congress hands-on

13:30/Official Opening

Main Podiumprof. Małgorzata Pietruska
dr hab n. med. Jan Pietruski (Poland)
prof. Magda Mensi (Italy)

20:00/Gala Party

27th of May 2017

Grand Hotel Tiffy - Iława

Main Podiumdr n. med. Marta Czownicka (Poland)
Lena Gullberg (Sweden)
Faye Donald (Great Britan)
Agnieszka Koman (Poland)
Anita Walczak (Poland)
Małgorzata Stec (Poland)
prof. Magda Mensi

Degree in Dentistry in 2000 with 110/110 cum laude. Researcher of Oral Surgery and Endodontics indefinitely at the Dental Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Brescia and Medical Manager level at the Dental Clinic of the Civil Hospital of Brescia. Visiting Professor at Ohio State University in 2015.

Adjunct Professor of Surgery and Oral Hygiene and Oral Surgery of the Degree in Dental Hygiene University of Brescia. Master in Periodontal Surgery and Implantology of periodontally involved patients at the Dental Clinic, University of Ferrara Prof. Leonardo Trombelli 2010-2012.

dr hab. n. med. Jan Pietruski

He graduated his studied at the Medical University of Białystok where in 1989 he received his D.M.D. and in 1992 his D.D.S. In 1996 with honors he defended his PhD and in 1997 he became a specialist in Prosthodontics. He received his Professorship in 2013.

He is a proud author of tens of articles and conference speeches. His scientific achievements have been awarded multiply by both the Polish Dental Association and the University’s President. He passes on his wisdom through courses both in and outside the country focusing on prosthodontics as well as occlusal and aesthetical disfunctions. He is an Establishing Member and a President of the Polish Academy for Aesthetic Dentistry (PASE).

prof. Małgorzata Pietruska

Graduate of the Medical University in Białystok. In 1998 she completed with honors her specialization in periodontology. In 1996 she successfully defended her PhD. She became a professor in 2005 and received her Distinguished Professorship in 2013. She is the first to be head of Periodontal and Mucous Tissue Disease Department of the Białystok Medical University.

She is an author on more than 160 scientific publications, for which she was multiply awarded by the University President and The Polish Dental Association. For many years now she’s been teaching and lecturing here in Poland as well as abroad. Since 2010 she officially is a lecturer of the European Federation of Periodontology.



Lovely city, located in the Iławian Lake Region, by the Poland’s longest lake - Jeziorak. It is a city of leisure and tourism. The northern and western borders are set by the landscape park. The city also goes by the name of a summer jazz capital due to an annual Old Jazz Meeting "Złota Tarka”- the oldest jazz festival in Europe.


Grand Hotel Tiffi Iława*****

Newly opened, beautifully located, luxury hotel ideally corresponds with the landscape. Ubiquitous nature and multiple boardwalks all located by the lakeshore of Jeziorak - Poland’s longest lake. The Grand Tiffi Hotel is well-known for its extensive SPA, run the masters of oriental Ayurveda straight for Tibet.

Rooms available at a 232 pln/person/night rate*

*Price per person in a double room at a special rate available only for conference participants.

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Hotels nearby

Hotel Adres pokój cena
Hotel Port 110
ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 7, 14-200 Iława
2 os 280
1 os 260
Zajazd Wielka Żuława
Ostródzka 3, 14-200 Iława, Polska
2 os 155
1 os 124
LEŚNA - ośrodek wypoczynkowy
ul. Sienkiewicza 9; 14-200, Iława
2 os od 65
1 os od 65
ul. Chodkiewicza 12 14-200 Iława
domek 4os 160 zł/doba
domki 6os 280 zł/doba
pokoje dwuosobowe nad restauracją 100 zł/doba
ul. Marsa 2, 14-200 Iława
2 os od 130
1 os od 130
Jana III Sobieskiego 10, 14-200 Iława
2 os 165
1 os 135


We highly recommend Pendolino Trains, as the fastest,
most comfortable and cost effective way when travelling to Iława.

Gdańsk > Iława: ok. 1h
Warszawa > Iława: ok. 1,5h
Katowice > Iława: ok. 3,5h
Kraków > Iława: ok. 4h
Wrocław > Iława: ok. 5h

Ticket prices start from 49 pln/person*

**The price 49 pln/person regards to a limited number of tickets available in pre-sale.


Conference organizer: Pracownia Pozytywnych Zmian.

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