We provide a wide range of training courses

Stand out from the rest - bet on good education. Our wide range of training courses, from basic to advanced opens up new possibilities. Knowledge and practice, joined together. You will find a training course suitable for your needs, interests and experience. In order to increase efficiency, we conduct different types of education, including: closed trainings, open trainings or individual trainings. Participation in trainings will allow you to improve competence, develop and will change your daily work. I invite everyone to familiarize yourself with our complex educational programme.

01Annual PAPS Congress
Providing space for education, integration and sharing of experience among specialists is the aim of the PAPS Congress. Annual and nationwide Congress is one of the foundations of the support programme for the development of dental hygienists’ careers.
02Hygienist’s Curriculum
Training is based on world class standards of patient’s care in a hygienist’s office and models of cooperation between a dentist and a hygienist.
03Individual trainings
Programme is adapted to the individual needs and preferences of the participant and the practical exercises are profiled to meed his or her specific requirements.
04Specialized trainings
At no other training will you find such an extensive discussion on the topic of a ,,Complex-care patient”. Requiring more attention and additional knowledge of dental hygiene accessories. Patient with whom we must face sickness and disability.
05Specialized trainings
They are organized in cooperation with the Swiss Dental Academy. Practical trainings on the professional above and under the gums hygienization, which are based on Guided Biofilm Therapy
06Trainings in Your Office
06Trainings in Your Office Training adapted to meet the requirements of Your clinic. Thanks to this training, the whole team will obtain new knowledge and immediately put it into practice.


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