Anita Walczak

Certified Dental Hygienist, student of Management science. She takes pride in working with people, taking care of their beautiful smiles. She possesses rich experience in working with patients in prestigious clinics all over the country. Apart from working in clinic, she manages educational activities including: professional blog for hygienists and a blog for patients, publishes articles and case studies in industry magazines. Furthermore, she also operates an educational portal, performs many training courses and lectures for dental hygienists and dentists. She achieved the title of Swiss Dental Academy Trainer.
Progressing through all stages of her career she worked as a dental assistant, dental hygienist, coordinator of a hygienist team, manager of a dental clinic and a specialist of marketing in a dental center.
She cooperates with Dr Tomasz Rozwadowski in organizing Digital Smile Design trainings.
Camera, magnifiers and dental microscope are an inseparable part of her work. She uses the features and opportunities provided by modern dental lasers in her daily practice.
She consequently improves her skills and participates in many training courses and conferences led by such lecturers as Dr Tomasz Rozwadowski. MD, PhD Kinga Grzech-Leśniak, Dr Pavol Andel, Dr Neha Dixit, Dr Wojciech Bednarz, MD, PhD Witold Jurczyński, MD, PhD Mariusz Duda, Dr John C. Cranham, Mariusz Oboda, Mariusz Szuba, Tony Robbins,T. Harv Ecker, Mateusz Grzesiak and many others.
She is creative and open to people in her daily life,
loves driving fast and her passion is psychology of motivation. She spends her free time traveling and getting to know new different cultures.

Magdalena Michałowska
Vice President

She was born not too long ago in Warsaw. After progressing through the basic steps of education, standing on the verge of choosing one’s career, she chose to form an inseparable bond with dental hygiene. She began her work in a respected clinic in Warsaw under the supervision of known specialists, after achieving the title of a certified dental hygienist. Constantly full of energy and with a thirst for personal development, she progressed through each available career training course and gained knowledge under the supervision of prominent trainers. Her openness to people was the drive that enabled her to pass the training course of perfect patient care, which, by combining psychology, communication and image building, allows her to work even with the most demanding patients. Endless energy and innate optimism allow her to perform a variety of different functions. She runs her own company. She is also a Swiss Dental Academy trainer and she leads training courses on advanced professional hygienization, admits patients in several prominent clinics, cooperates with training companies and what is most important to her, she is the Member and Vice President of Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis. Curiously, she also finds time for her private life in which she is a daughter, wife, mother and sister. She gracefully combines all of the above. In her free time, which she surprisingly manages to conjure, she does slow jogging, goes on long walks with her terrier Melania and experiments with backbreaking recipes that include chia, amarantus and all other kinds of seemingly edible seeds.

Magdalena Berezowska

She was born on July 22, 1988 in Krasnystaw. Throughout her wonderful 28 years of life, she achieved many incredible things and that is only half of what she intends to accomplish. She is a mother of two wonderful children, 7 year old Mikołaj and 5 year old Maksymilian. She runs a private dental clinic together with her husband Michał. They employ around 10 dentists and 10 assistants. Magdalena is a wonderful mother, wife, manager and a hygienists in two private dental clinics.
She is an extraordinarily ambitious person, pursuing many different areas of personal development. During her career she achieved a master’s degree in chemistry and bioactive components at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University. Furthermore, she also achieved the title of pharmacy technician and in the end she also finished her medical vocational school for dental hygienists with top grades, becoming a certified dental hygienist.
With great resilience, she is active in the Local Operations Group as a council member and she operates as a member of the committee overseeing EU projects.
Infected with passion and love for dentistry by people closest to her, she constantly improves her knowledge and gathers experience by participating in many valuable training courses and congresses such as:
Various courses organized by Oboda Group which shape not only the technical base of working with patients but also the personality: Managing Yourself, Managing Emotions, Managing a Team, Psychological aspects of hygienist’s work with patients, Dental Photography Course with Dr Krystian Owczarczak, Vademacum of a Dental Hygienist, 4 level Curriculum of a Dental Hygienist W&H Poland. Acquiring the title of Master of Prophylaxis during a prestigious training in Switzerland and among the best hygienists from Poland, is the proverbial cherry on the cake top.

Michał Kluczkowski
Member of the Board

A graduate of Gdańsk Medical University. Always smiling. He has been working together with Impladent MDC Clinic since 2008, which is led by Adam and Magdalena Ziemlewscy and located in Gdańsk. Professional hygienization of an implant patient is at the center of his interests. Modern prophylaxis, surgery and periodontics are his passion. He is on a never ending journey towards knowledge. Not straying from his path, he assisted in implant procedures and attained experience and knowledge while working in his profession. He is a participant and lecturer of many training courses, congresses, and courses on prophylaxis, implantology, periodontics and surgery both abroad and in Poland. Editor-in-chief of Asysta Dentystyczna (Dental Assistance) magazine. He cooperates with the publisher Elamed. He’s the co-author of Vademacum Asysty Dentystycznej (Handbook of Dental Assistance). He’s not afraid of new challenges. He’s full of empathy, willing to listen.
He’s a participant of an international Europerio 2015 congress in London. He’s a participant of an SDA training course in Switzerland. Received a Masterclass of Prophylaxis diploma. He’s an open person who values professionalism, proponent of the rule ,,one who does not improve regresses”

Natalia Szeląg
Member of the Board

“The most important is to bring joy to neighbors- it is the best one can do on this world.”
is her life’s motto, which she follows in all aspects of her life. She works in Barbara and Tomasz Śmigiel’s clinic, where she runs a hygiene and prophylaxis office with a smile that never fades. She also supervises medical staff in order to ensure efficient and professional care for the patients.
In her personal life, she’s a mother of two children with whom she actively spends her free time. She cycles with her children, goes to concerts and runs around the park looking for pokemon.
She achieved the title of a hygienist in 2001 and continued her higher education achieving a master’s degree in Health Education. With a thirst for knowledge, she constantly improves her skills by participating in training courses and conferences.
She is always in the process of creation. She has been regularly writing articles for “Asysta Dentystyczna” since 2013. Her articles also appeared in other specialist magazines. She’s the co-author of Vademacum Asysty Dentystycznej (Handbook of Dental Assistance).
Wishing to share her knowledge, she conducts lectures, trainings and talks. She has been a lecturer at the International Dentistry Congress DGA in Katowice twice. She discussed in great detail the periodontal patient, halitosis and xerostomia.
Furthermore, she conducted courses for preschool children and oral hygiene workshops under the “Metamorfoza Claudii” programme and Paszport do Sukcesu activities organized by Dress for Success Poland Foundation.

Marzena Cesarz
Member of the Board

Certified hygienist with 15 years of experience in the field. She has been cooperating with Mayo-Dent Medical Center in Dąbrowa Górnicza for 10 years. She coordinates the work of medical staff, performs prophylaxis and hygienization procedures among children and adults, cosmetic dentistry procedures and complete postoperative care. Marzena Cesarz is a participant and lecturer at many conferences, symposiums, dental fairs and workshops. She constantly improves her expertise by taking part in many courses and trainings. She finished a Swiss Dental Academy training course in Switzerland and achieved the diploma of a Prophylaxis Master. She cooperates with Philips as a medical consultant by conducting training courses on teeth whitening. In her personal life she is a mother of two children, she loves to read, cook and discover new tastes. For her, experiments in the kitchen are a way to relax after a busy day and a cookbook is the best gift.

Anna Drobkiewicz
Member of the Board

I’m a certified dental hygienist, master of science in Biotechnology, a Sagittarius that loves freedom and hates routine. Help and care for others is my primary character trait. I have been working at Silver Dental Clinic as a dental hygienist for several years. I help people believe that they can posses a beautiful smile and keep their teeth in good condition for the rest of their lives. The planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which symbolizes striving for perfection and the need for constant personal development. I participated in many training courses, constantly improving my personal qualifications and keeping in mind that lack of progress provokes regress. My work is my calling. Close relations with patients, motivating and supporting them throughout the treatment are very important to me. I have been also conducting educational activities on oral hygiene in preschools for several years. An experienced hygienist is someone whose job is more than just eliminating tartar, it is a person that educates the patient and becomes their guide.

Olga Grabowska
Member of the Board

Certified dental hygienist with 20 years of experience. She started her work at Dr Piotr Grochowski’s clinic, cooperating with professor, MD, PhD Renata Górska. She has finished many training courses, among them, ergonomics of hygienist’s work led by professor Zbigniew Jańczuk. She took part in CEDE international dental exhibition many times. She conducted trainings on the topic of professional hygienization of a patient, scaler and sandblaster techniques.
In the meantime she achieved the title of environmental engineer in the management department. Currently she manages tartar residue of various origin... She constantly strives to improve her skills. She runs a prophylaxis office under Dr Anna Pruska-Wiszniowska. She guarantees her patients will receive perfect treatment. In her personal life she is a wife and a mother of two sons. She loves to spend time cycling and watching football. With football players in her home, she knows the definition of an offside perfectly well.

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